Amenti Resonance Therapy (ART)

Health starts with your other body. We have a physical and an energetic body. If your energetic body is out of tune, the physical body will suffer.

Amenti Resonance Therapy (ART) helps to retune your energy body to play its favorite song...HEALTH and VITALITY. Additionally, your cells, organs, and body systems have optimal operating frequencies (tones). ART can also provide frequency support to the physical body.

ART uses specifically tuned microcurrent pulses to help your energy and physical bodies to resonate with healthy vibrations. When all the body's pitches (frequencies) are in tune, they will play a beautiful symphony of vibrant health.

ART can accelerate your overall back-to-health program with this pulsed microcurrent support.

The sessions are painless, non-invasive, and usually last between 15 to 60 minutes.

Amenti Resonance Therapy Will:

• Eliminate toxins from the body
• Remove immune challenges
Restore organ and gland function
Stimulate brain function
Improve memory

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