Heart Health Program

Healing Tree’s Heart Health Program will help you put pep back into your step! 

This highly successful program provides heart testing, analysis, and nutritional support to to help clients restore optimal heart health and function.  
When on the Heart Health Program, you are periodically tested with the Heart Endograph This instrument digitally records the heart's sounds. By analysis of the graph these sounds a practitioner can determine heart imbalances and nutritional deficiencies.

This analysis is used to formulate a specific plan of whole food supplements to support optimal function and restoration of healthy tissue.

The Heart Health program includes:

- Heart Endograph tests*
- Nutrition Response Testing sessions
- Nutrition Coaching appointments

** Access to clinical grade, whole food nutrition (Not included in price)

* Heart Endograph tests are available separately to NRT program clients.
** Ultra high quality, clinical grade supplements are available through Healing Tree.

Available only for in-office clients.