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Functional Lab Testing

Functional Lab Testing identifies imbalances in your system that lead to disease and non-optimal health. This testing is done via bloodwork and urine analysis.

Why Is Healing Tree Natural Health Functional Lab Testing Different?

Healing Tree Natural Health provides an overview of your entire system, rather than focusing on a specific symptom.

This is compared to medically based labs, which are limited by insurance and do not provide the complete picture. They are geared towards managing symptoms and disease but often DO NOT provide the core indicators for imbalances in the system. Solutions are short-sighted and are merely used to justify more pharmaceuticals and surgeries.

Healing Tree Advanced Labs DO provide the core indicators for imbalances.

Therefore, we base our practice on FUNCTION and RESTORATION, NOT disease.

After using Functional Lab results to determine system imbalances, Healing Tree Natural Health then implements Nutrition Response Testing to non-invasively analyze the body by pinpointing the underlying cause of ill health.

Using whole food nutrition, our focus is to help the body heal without unnecessary drugs or surgery.

Healing Tree goes even further. Rather than a generalized protocol, we develop a unique, personalized Health Restoration Program based on EXACTLY what your body needs to bring you back to life. 

Our labs are of the highest quality and very affordable. We do not markup labs, but charge an interpretation and consultation fee. 


What Functional Lab Tests Does Healing Tree Natural Health Offer?

First, is our premier Healing Tree ADVANCED LAB PANEL. This panel includes the highest priority tests to detect imbalances that cause ill health. ALL current and new clients are encouraged to invest in this important panel. 


Do I Need To Repeat Lab Panels?

Labs are recommended every 6-12 months to measure your continued progress.

Can I Bring My Labs From Other Doctors?

Yes, you can. We do charge an interpretation/report fee to analyze outside labs. 

Outside labs MUST match our Advanced Lab Panel to be a part of your Nutrition Program. 

Because Healing Tree Natural Health analyzes your entire system, utilizing blood labs that don’t incorporate all test requirements will give an incomplete picture.

A word of warning: If any tests are missing from your outside lab results, you will need to get your blood drawn again for the additional tests. This may be expensive when ordered separately.

If providing outside labs, it is your responsibility to have your results sent to Healing Tree Natural Health no later than two business days before your lab interpretation appointment.





- Healing Tree offers you an Advanced Lab Panel, featuring in-depth testing of hugh priority blood chemistry markers.

- Our labs are used to discover system imbalances that lead to the underlying cause of ill health.

- Healing Tree labs track the progress of your body's healing.

- Healing Tree lab ranges reflect the average of ONLY healthy people.



- Medical labs limit testing of your true health condition due to insurance company limitations.

- Their labs are used to manage symptoms and justify pharmaceuticals and/or surgery.

- Medical labs track the effects of pharmaceuticals on the body.

- Medical lab ranges include the average of BOTH healthy and sick people.



- Food Sensitivities & Digestion

- Blood Sugar Balance

- Immune/Inflammation

- Iron Balance/Anemia

- Vitamins and Minerals

- Adrenal Function

- Thyroid Function

- Liver/Kidney Function

- Hydration

- Cardiovascular Risk



- Dutch Hormone Panel

- Expanded Food Sensitivity

- Screening Autoimmune Reactivity

- Toxins/Heavy Metals Screening

- Extended Thyroid Panel

- Gastrointestinal Panel

- Comprehensive Nutritional Panel

- Call for other available tests

To download a PDF of Healing Tree Natural Health’s Advanced Lab requirements, click HERE: