Do you have a referral program? 

Yes, we do!  If you refer family, friends, or co-workers to Healing Tree Natural Health, we provide a $35 credit for each new referral who becomes a client with the program. 

Healing Tree practitioners are also available to present a timely health topic to groups, e.g., your church, family, office, or sports team.  If you host the event, plan on receiving $35 for each person who becomes a client on the program, and also receive other valuable benefits from Healing Tree depending on the group size. 

Example:  If ten people become clients from your group, you would receive $350 in credits and a free detoxing foot bath.

How long until I get better?

The more committed you are to your program; you will feel and get better. Depending on your current health condition and the number of stressors causing imbalances in your system partially determines of speed of health restoration.

The other is your determination to heal and follow the program as outlined by Healing Tree practitioners. We are your support and can answer your questions and concerns as they appear.

What if I have my own blood labs?

In some cases, we can use your outside lab results. We would charge a nominal reading fee, starting at $65. 

From our experience, Healing Tree practitioners prefer to use our comprehensive Advanced Lab Panel. Medical (insurance company) panels tend to be very limited and don’t provide the whole picture needed to make a plan to restore vital health. 

Healing Tree’s Advance Lab Panel (link to Functional Lab Testing) has over 70 tests covering 10 main systems of the body.

Additionally, we have partnered with one of the finest labs in the world that have locations nationwide.

Can I just order supplements through you?

Yes, we supply all supplements required for your health restoration program. 

To ensure that your nutritional program is of the highest quality and maximum effectiveness, we supply the world’s best.

To order, call or text 231-260-2572

Do you accept insurance?

Due to the regulatory nature of insurance companies, we DO NOT accept insurance for payment. However, for lab panels, we can provide identifier codes so that you can apply for insurance reimbursement.

[Healing Tree Natural Health does not guarantee reimbursement from your insurance company nor accepts liability for such]

How can I pay for your products and services?

HSA (Health Savings Account) cards, credit/debit cards, cash, and VENMO.

What is your pricing? 

Pricing will vary from individual to individual. It is dependent on system imbalances identified, the cause of ill-health to be addressed, and recovery time.

Since Healing Tree methods help you to heal naturally, it takes time. We work with clients committed to restoring their health with a PERSONALIZED PROGRAM. That being said, below is pricing that is similar to all: